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What are popular granite colors

Granite countertops have become popular in the United States. They add a tremendous amount of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen setting. There’s nothing more gratifying to a homeowner than having friends and family over making pizza or cooking together, and everybody has a good time swapping stories.

They look down and see the granite countertop, and they can’t help but notice your fabulous taste and sophistication. You want to enjoy the good stuff that you have, and one of the best ways to show it off is through granite countertops.

It makes the whole idea of family kitchen time or cooking time so much more impressive. But with that said, it’s one thing to think of getting granite countertops put in. It’s another actually to make the right decision. 

Just like with any other accessible construction or interior decoration option on the market, there are many different choices out there. It’s easy to think that granite comes in black or slate color. Granite has many different colors, and you have to be clear as to which particular color profile works best in your kitchen.

It all boils down to the effect that you are trying to produce

Have you ever re-decorated one of the rooms in your home? What is the first thing that you looked at? You probably looked at the dimensions of the space. This is what most people first consider. Then, you try and imagine what it would look like if you repainted the walls or if you added a few pieces of decoration here and there or you put on that sofa that you’ve always wanted to place in this part of your home.

When you do this, you may not be able to put your finger on it, or you might not even be able to articulate it, but what you’re trying to do is create some mood. You’re trying to engineer a range of feelings that people walking through or sitting in that room would feel.

This is called ambiance or the room’s mood. This is what makes the difference between excellent interior design and so-so interior design.

The same considerations apply to your kitchen. Your kitchen is not immune to these fundamental interior design decisions. Color is crucial because while you may have nailed down the specific dimensions of your kitchen space/ At the end of the day when people spend time in your kitchen. The first thing that will jump out at them, as far as the kitchen countertops go, is the color of the material of that countertop.

Pair this fact with the second point that granite comes in a wide range of colors, then you can see what you’re up against. You have your hands full because you have to make the right call as far as granite colors go so you can produce the right kind of effect when people go from the living room or the garage to your kitchen space.

You want to impress them. You want them to see the full potential and the full wonders that your kitchen space has to offer. At the very least, you want them to feel what you’re feeling. What are we talking about in terms of popular granite color options?

You can choose between black pearl, Alaska white, cashmere white, delicate white, Ubatuba granite, St. Cecilia light granite, Giallo ornamental, green galaxy, and, of course, black galaxy. You have to understand that granite is like a fantastic art medium when it comes to colors.

Uba Tuba Granite

Uba Tuba Granite

When you look at colored paint, it’s very straightforward. You just have one color. Even when you’re looking at pastel, there are no gradations. You’re just looking at one color.

With granite, on the other hand, you have many layers of color. There’s a lot of things going on at once. There are many different hues and gradations. This is what makes it so hard to pick one particular granite color over another. 

You may have your heart set on the color black, but what kind of black? Black galaxy is fantastic, for example, compared to black pearl because Black Galaxy has many different colors under the different layers. 

It’s like staring in the summer night sky with all its complexity, wonders, and incredible detail. You have a lot coming at you in every square inch of black galaxy granite.

Now granted, Black Pearl has its own distinct set of charms and attractions. What I’m getting at is you really have to look at your choice of granite colors from the perspective of mood “engineering”. You can’t just say, “I need white, so I’m going with cashmere white or Alaska white.” 

You have to look at the complexity of the surface. Look at what you envision the moods that your kitchen is supposed to produce, and whether all of this lines up with your personality. Put this all together, and you have a nice range of popular granite colors that you can go with.

And guess what. They are very specific as far as the emotional ranges that they deliver. Do you want to be considered sophisticated, well-traveled, and well-read? Then there’s a range of granite countertop colors for that impression.

On the other hand, do you want to highlight your ability to get along with everybody and your open-mindedness and generosity? There’s a range of colors and complicated hues for that as well.

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