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What is health and what are the different types of health?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is a state of entire physical, mind and social well-being, with not only the absence of illness and infirmity, but also with the ability to recover from the illness and disease. Genetics, environment, social relationships, and eating habits are used for determining the health of a person. A healthful diet, exercises, positive thoughts, coping strategies can be used to enhance the health of a person. Health can be classified into five different types as:

  • Physical health

  • Mental health

  • Social health

  • Spiritual health

  • Environmental health


Physical health:

Physical health refers to the general condition of the body in relation to the physical strength and the associated diseases, a physically healthy person is said to have well-functioning metabolism with no diseases. Good physical health is influenced by various factors including healthy childhood, genetics and working conditions. Besides these factors, the beneficial activities can also influence the physical health which includes eating right, avoiding the alcohol consumption or smoking, adding nutrition rich foods in the diet, working out, etc.

Mental health:

Unlike physical health mental health is very difficult to define; it is related to mental as well as psychological wellbeing, with the absence of mental illness. A person’s mental health is related to their abilities, desires, emotions, ideas, ambitions and how they respond to others. To have a mentally healthy life, you must develop the positive feelings to accept yourself and others.

Social health:

Social health is the health that involves how you maintain your relationship with others in a meaningful and positive way. It involves how you behave, listen or talk with people around you, how you help others, how you influence people and how you adapt yourself to the different social situations. Thus it involves how you are living in the day to day societal changes around you.

Spiritual health:

Spiritual health is the health that can be achieved when you feel the peace in your life. Body, spirit and mind are all associated with one another, so spirituality will help you to cope with the pain and other difficulties that accompany your illness. It has been proved that spiritual faith has improved the physical as well as mental health of the people in cases of depression, stress, heart attack, infertility, and even cancers.

Environmental health:

According to the World Health Organization, environmental health can be defined as the health that addresses all the chemical, physical and biological factors that are external to a person. Environmental health actually aims to evaluate, correct and control various environmental factors that negatively affect the human’s health. A good and healthy environment helps us to live in a cleaner and neater place, reduces air and noise pollution, reduces ultra violet (UV) exposure, reduces various toxic chemical exposure, to be free from mosquitoes, flies and other vectors, for drinking safe water, food safety, etc. Healthy is wealth to an individual and to society, so keep a balance in maintaining health in all aspects of your life.

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